CD Tontines - Are they too conservative?

Our default TontineIRA™ only invests in FDIC insured certificates of deposit (CDs) because these are generally the only assets that are considered to be safe enough for the proverbial ‘widows & orphans’ and therefore for retirees in general.

For many members they will in fact be too conservative. In the near future we will invite you to take a detailed questionnaire so that you can select a suitable level of risk tolerance given your particular financial circumstances.

Depending on your results, you will then be able to decide whether to partially switch some of your investments into one of the more balanced strategies subject to the approval of the trustees.

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So basically we will be able to create sort of bespoke Tontines by deciding which % we allocate to each strategy? Is it correct?

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We will have to implement a standard industry risk score to determine which strategy/assets the trustees will allow each member to have access to but in essence, if someone wants to allocate 20% to gold for example then they should be allowed to.

What other asset classes would you be interested in?

BTC would make sense I presume

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